Your Delivery Questions Answered

How Do We Deliver?

The Majority of our Products are delivered on a Pallet. We use a range of vehicles, varying from Smaller 7.5 Tonne Vehicles, up to Artics. If you are concerned about delivery access, get in touch and we can look into what would need to be done to make that delivery possible!

What is Kerbside Delivery?

Our Delivery Service is Kerbside. Meaning, assuming there is a Kerb to deliver too, that we can get access to, via a Drop Kerb, we should be able deliver there. There is other factors that play into delivery access, so if you have concerns, please get in touch!

Although we use a Kerbside Delivery Service, we do try our hardest to deliver onto your driveway in a safe place, that won't block access.

Can I Book a Delivery Time?

As we use a Haulier to delivery your goods, your delivery can arrive between 9am - 6pm. However, if you wanted to secure either an AM or PM, you can book this in for £15 (including VAT). 

AM deliveries take place between 9am - 1pm.
PM deliveries take place between 1pm - 6pm.

How do I Track an Order?

We send a tracking link on our e-mails to you, after your order has been processed. If you would like an Estimated Time of Delivery, please call us on the day of delivery (most likely your preferred delivery date) and we can find out this for you!

Do I Need to be at Home for Delivery?

For the majority of orders we take, you will not need to be at home for delivery to take place - However, if you aren't going to be at home, please do let us know, so we can alert the Haulier. 

Sometimes, unforeseen factors can affect the delivery plan, so, it is always preferable for someone to be at home, upon delivery. If a problem takes place, we will use the phone number and or email address to get in touch to alert you!

Can I Still Cancel?

Cancellations be made in writing. 

Once the goods have left our depot, the order cannot be cancelled without surcharges being applied. See our Terms and Conditions for more detail.