Hopefully we cover any and every question you have, below. If not, our highly trained Customer Service Team can help! They can be reached through, E-Mail, Telephone & Live Chat!


What Days do you Delivery Turf on?
We delivery turf Tuesday to Friday on our standard and next working day delivery options. We can deliver on Saturdays if you select the Saterday Delivery option in the checkout.
Do you Delivery on Saturdays?

We do! With Saturdays being a non standard delivery day for the Hauliers, there is an increase in the Delivery Charge, which will be displayed before the order is processed (you will need to select the Saturday delivery option in the checkout). 

Throughout the years, our customers have placed orders on the Friday so they have time to work on their projects through the weekend. 

What Size Vehicle do we use to Deliver?

For near all of our deliveries we use an 18 Tonne Curtain Sided Vehicle, which is slightly wider and larger than a Bin Lorry. If you do have access concerns, please reach out to us and we can find out if we could deliver to you!

How do we Deliver?

We deliver on large 18 ton curtain sided lorries.
Delivery is made on pallets using a tail lift offload and a manual pallet trolly.

We do not offer a HIAB or crane offload.

We require a smooth level surface to deliver onto and can only guarentee a kerbside delivery.

For more deatiled information on our turf deliveries, please see our delivery details page.

Do I Have to be Home?

It's always helpful to have someone available to take delivery. However, assuming there is sufficient access, for our 18 tonne curtain sided vehicle to offload using a pallet trolley, then we can leave it without a signature.

Does the Price include Delivery?

Our Prices do not include the Delivery Charge. However, the majority of postcodes, have no Delivery Fee! 


How big are the rolls of turf?
Our lawn turf is sold in rolls that cover 1m2 (1 square metre). The rolls usually measure 60cm wide x 1.67m long.

Wild Flower Turf is sold in 1m x 1m squares.
Can I book a time slot?

As of right now, the Nationwide Delivery Service that we use, only offfers an AM or PM booking system. Meaning, for £15, we can book a Delivery for a AM Time Slot(9am to 1pm) or a PM Time Slot (2:30pm - 6pm).

Can I pick a Delivery Day?

With our checkout system, you are prompted to choose a Preferred Delivery Date, which will give us a guideline for when you would like your delivery. We will always try our hardest to deliver on your preferred delivery date.

Is there an Order Cut off?

There is an order cut off for both Topsoil and Turf and this would be 1pm. The reason for this, is that, our Nationwide Delivery Network will be loading the goods for Next Day Delivery after this point, so, they cannot accept any new orders. Therefore, we couldn't cut any more Turf for that day!

Would I receive a receipt?

Yes! One of the main reasons, we ask for an Email Address, is so we can send you a receipt. If you need a receipt for an order, feel free to Contact Us and we can e-mail over the (VAT) receipt! 


When is the latest I can cancel my order? (EXCLUDING TURF)
Orders can be cancelled with no charge, if the goods haven't been dispatched. As we use a Third Party Delivery Network, we are charged for any time the vehicles are used to transport the goods. Therefore, if the goods are sent to be collected and or moved, there is a cancellation charge that would be deducted from your refund. 

Cancellation Charges are postcode dependant and are a charge set by the Haulier, which we are charged. There is no profit made through the charge. 
When is the latest I can cancel my Turf?

A Turf order can be cancelled with a full refund, if the goods haven't been cut by our farm yet.

Due to Turf being a living product, we cannot provide a refund if an order is cancelled, as this item won't be resold.


I have cancelled my order, when should I expect my refund?
If you have cancelled the order - The majority of banks, will take up to 48-72 hours for the funds to show on your statement and account. 
My goods have been collected, when should I expect my refund?
If the goods have been collected from the delivery destination and returned to us - We would refund the goods, once we have confirmed the goods are back with us. This usually takes 1 working day. After that, for the majority of banks, it would take between 48-72 hours, for the refund to be processed and show on your account statement and account. 
This didn't arrive on my Preferred Delivery Date, can I have a partial refund? (Standard Delivery)
Very occasionally, we cannot meet the Preferred Delivery Date. With this being said, we do our best to deliver your goods within the 4 Working Day Delivery Window that is, our Standard Delivery Service.

If we exceed 4 Working Days Delivery, then we can refund you, the delivery fee (if applicable). 
This didn't arrive on my Preferred Delivery Date, can I have a partial refund? (Next Day Delivery)
All be it, quite rare, sometimes Next Day Delivery isn't met.

If the product is eligible for Next Day Delivery (Which can be found on the Products Delivery Details), and it is ordered before 1pm, with the delivery date being a Weekday, yet is missed, we can refund the difference between Next Day Delivery and Standard Delivery.

Please Note: Turf cannot be delivered on a Monday, meaning Friday's Next Working Day Delivery would be Tuesday.