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Turf & Lawn Blog

Welcome to Turf Growers Blog, you will find loads of useful information on lawn care, turfing tips and the latest news and updates on subject that may affect your turf like hose pipe bans and weather conditions.

Rolls of turf are available for home delivery today from Turf Growers

Rolls of turf can be delivered all over the UK by Turf Growers- making a clean, attractive lawn easier than ever to achieve. Rolls of turf can be delivered to your garden from one of our network of farms, ensuring you only get the freshest, healthiest grass for your lawn. Reliable, efficient delivery of rolls of turf is vital, as its freshness ensures it can quickly establish itself in the soil and grow into a healthy, vibrant lawn. Rolls of turf shouldn’t be left more than a few hours after delivery before being laid and rolled onto tilled and fertilised...
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Laying Turf in 3 steps: how to produce a flawless lawn with Turf Growers

rolls of turf
Transplanting turf into your garden is great way to produce a healthy, vibrant lawn around which your borders, trees, beds or allotment can grow. A beautiful lawn is the centrepiece of any garden: but laying turf is a prospect many gardeners regard with dread. Remove the old turf Do this before your new turf arrives. You want to make sure you can lay your new turf quickly to minimise the amount of time your replacement rolls are sat decomposing in the open air. Your rolls will be alive, naturally, however being dug up and moved isn’t a healthy experience for...
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The best border plants for your lawn

Framing your lawn is almost as important as the lawn itself- it’s all about how you create a beautiful space in which to bask Be realistic with size The best plants to compliment a beautiful lawn aren’t always the huge bushes that crowd your neat borders & sprinkle dead petals over your freshly-mown turf. As you’ve probably realised if you’ve ever tentatively hammered your mower into an encroaching geranium and realised that this lawn isn’t big enough for the two of them, plants need their space-grass included. Light is at a premium in most residential gardens, as is drainage- piling...
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What did turf ever do for us?

Turf has some miraculous properties- all the more reason to take care of yours. It all comes down to the incredibly complex molecular structure of turf- Turf cleans the air Did you know 50-by-50 square foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four? And that the particles of soil absorb and filter dirt, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide, reducing pollution. Rainfall catches particles of atmospheric pollution, carrying it onto the turf, where it is filtered far down into the soil. The water too soaks into the groundwater where it nourishes the grass. Turf absorbs noise The compactable soil...
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As Wimbledon winds down, a new event begins as different kinds of champions take to the field

  They’ve been preparing for months, they’re at the top of their game; but nobody will see Wimbledon’s world champions of lawn care quietly execute their 12-month game plan Turn on a TV recently and chances are you’ve seen some gardening masterpieces- and not just the Chelsea Flower Show, either. Wimbledon and test match cricket not only showcase some of the world’s finest sporting performances, but some of the most carefully-tended and demanding grass management in the world. Every bit as ambitious as the finest exhibition garden, these apparently simple grass squares are planned and sculpted with scientific precision. Though...
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