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Welcome to Turf Growers Blog, you will find loads of useful information on lawn care, turfing tips and the latest news and updates on subject that may affect your turf like hose pipe bans and weather conditions.
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How does buying rolls of turf online make life easier for gardeners?

1. Our rolls of turf are fresh and healthy.

Straight from our farm, we cut all our turf to order so every roll is healthy, luscious & ready for planting. Our delivery network gets your order to you quickly & efficiently, minimising the time between cutting & replanting to give your new lawn the best chance of prospering.

Laying turf is all about ensuring the fastest possible root growth, and minimising time spent out of the ground. That’s why a high standard of quality control combined with an express delivery system across the country is so vital to giving your lawn the best possible chance of thriving.

When buying turf online from us, you can be confident you’re only getting the best quality turf.

2. Explore new varieties of turf online.

There are now more options than ever if you buy turf online. From the traditional family lawn to a wildflower meadow, turn your garden into your ideal space with our attractive rolls of turf.

Whether your lawn is a space for pets, children, parties, football or just enjoying the summer sunshine, we can provide the perfect balance of hardiness and aesthetics for your needs.

3. There’s more flexibility if you buy turf online.

Gardening is all about planning- and when you’re planning to redevelop your garden the more versatility the better.

When you buy turf online you’re able to calculate the exact amount required- reducing waste- as well as co-ordinating delivery to ensure you only receive your turf at the best time possible for your schedule.

4. Rapid delivery makes laying turf easier.

As mentioned above, the key to successfully laying turf is freshness- the healthier your rolls of turf, the more readily it will transplant into the topsoil of your garden & thrive. Healthier, fresher turf puts down roots faster, and is less likely to develop uneven patches.

Time is so important to laying turf effectively- that’s why we sell not just the freshest turf, but also offer fast, home delivery.

5. Additional lawn-boosting soil improvers are available.

Besides rolls of turf, why not stock up on other useful garden consumables such as top dressing, compost, topsoil or mulch? We provide all the most useful materials for you to give your garden a boost.

Whether for drainage or fertility, we can deliver all the products you need in quantities from individual bags to bulk loads. We can include these in your delivery, or if it’s more convenient or you’re not buying turf, in a separate consignment.

Check out our store today or contact our team for more information on the range of great products we stock.

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