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Looking after Your Lawn in a Drought

A Guide to Looking After Your Established Lawn

Remember existing lawns do not need to be watered (unlike newly laid turf), even if the grass goes brown it will come grow back and go back to being green and lush.  Grass is extremely resilient and will recover when the rain eventually falls.

1) Increase your mowing height to 35-40mm which creates deeper roots which are able to reach deeper moisture and also will create shade from higher temperatures.

2) Keep mower blades sharpened so as not to bruise grass.

3) Use a watering can to water your lawn.

4) Capture water from roofs and gutters in water butts.

5) You do not need to feed grass in the summer months, grass does not grow in hot, dry weather.

6) Avoid using a blanket weed killer which may damage grass, instead use a spot weed killer.

7) Apply a light layer of compost on grass to help keep the moisture in.

8) Scarifying your lawn once a year to remove all moss, matted and dead grass is advised, if this is left to build up it will create a barrier from rainfall.  You can also spike your lawn creating small holes will help water get through to the grass roots.

9) If you are allowed to use a hose pipe and wash you car at home, park it on the lawn so the lawn will get the excess water!

Hose Pipe Ban Update
Laying Turf During a Hose Pipe Ban


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Friday, 05 March 2021