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Welcome to Turf Growers Blog, you will find loads of useful information on lawn care, turfing tips and the latest news and updates on subject that may affect your turf like hose pipe bans and weather conditions.
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Summer Lawn Issues: How to Avoid Them

There is no finer feeling than being out in the garden in the sunshine on a hot day and you want your lawn to be in tip top shape to make the most of the unpredictable British weather. Intense sunny spells can have a damaging effect on your lawn so keep it in shape and looking pristine this summer with a few useful tips to avoid any summer lawn issues.

If you lawn is not getting enough natural moisture you may have a dull and tired looking lawn by the time that summer rolls around. One way to avoid this is to keep using a quick release synthetic fertiliser. In effect this tans the grass making it a richer green colour. Such a product should not be used to replace regular fertiliser application but can be used as a one off application a few days before you would like your lawn to be perfectly green. Your grass should stay a nice bright green colour for a few weeks and then you can look to reapply as and when you like.

summer lawn

Shady areas are always a problem in summer and in troublesome shady patches it is often the case that grass will not grow, or that it will grow thinly at best. A way to combat this is to eliminate or reduce the cause of the shade. This obviously may not always be possible, but it is an idea to thin tree branches that are shading an area if you can do this. You can also help grass to grow by overseeding in shady areas.

Another summer lawn issue that you may have to contend with is an invasion from grubs. A grub invasion will show up towards the back end of summer or at the beginning of autumn. The primary symptom of a grub infestation is dried out patches of grass that you can pull up easily. There may also be white larva present on healthier patches of lawn next to the dead patches as the bugs seek more fresh grass to destroy. It is always a good idea to use a lawn product to control grubs, usually best applied in June or July time. If you forget to do this, however, there are pesticides available that will control grubs that have hatched and that are already at work.

One last summer lawn issue you may face is dogs urinating on your lawn. What makes this a summer lawn issue is because dog urine has a high concentration of nitrogen salts and these corrode the lawn leaving dried out patches where dogs have used a regular spot. A way to prevent this occurring is to throw water down on the area immediately after the dog has gone about its business. If the area has already become an issue you can buy turf large enough to fit the area and press it down firmly to cover up bare patches. Water the turf grass frequently so that it is moist and do this until it roots.

Keep on top of your lawn this summer with a few inexpensive and simple tricks and you can then be enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful, lush green lawn.

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