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The Ultimate Winter Turf Guide

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When is the best time of year to lay turf?

This has been up for debate for as long we've known how to grow and sell turf. There is no best time to lay turf. Really. I know anticlimactic. This answer is one you need to hear though - its helpful, I promise.

You can lay turf any time of year.

Now, a caveat to this, is in Winter, where your turf will most likely lay dormant until the soil starts to heat up again (around spring time). Well doesn’t that mean you shouldn't lay it in the Winter? No, it doesn’t.

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For a lot of people the only time they get off (where they can spend time on the garden) is near Christmas time. As long as the temperature is warm enough that the ground is not frozen, then, laying turf (in your spare time) is a great option!

Whilst the turf is cold, and would last a day or two on a pallet, we recommend laying the turf the same day you receive it. This reduces the chance of sod heating, and damaging your fresh, new grass.

Should I lay the turf straight away?

As mentioned above, if the ground isn't frozen, then we would advise laying the turf straight away. Ideally on the same day as receiving the turf. If you don’t have time to lay the turf on the same day of receipt, throw a piece of tarpaulin over the pallet to reduce the chance of the turf rolls freezing.

Frozen turf is as good as dead turf - we will cover this soon.

Please note: Covering turf should only be done in Winter. Covering turf in Summer will nearly always increase the risk of Sod Heating and you will be left with dead grass that won’t grow.

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IMPORTANT: Do not unroll turf rolls whilst they're frozen. Unrolling Turf whilst frozen will crack the turf roots in half and leave you with dead turf. If your turf appears frozen, allow it to thaw out, before unrolling.

Can I lay turf on frozen ground?

We do not recommend laying turf on frozen ground. Your turf roots won’t establish and they will be starved of any nutrients your soil has to offer.

What should I do if there is a frost?

Don’t water that night, as the water will free and damage your turf.

How long will it take before I can walk on my new lawn?

We suggest not walking on your grass at all, until it has had a substantial amount of time to root and grow. As the grass will most likely stay dormant in winter, the recommended time frame of 2 - 3 weeks (in the summer time) does not apply.

Walking on your lawn after a frost is a big no no. When walked on, your grass will start to snap, effectively destroying the cells and killing the leaf. The grass won’t be dead, but you may start to see irreversible black patches.

If you absolutly have to walk on the lawn in the first 2 - 3 weeks of it being laid down, please use a plank of wood to walk on so no dents from boots / shoes are left.

When Should I mow my new lawn?

Through the really mild temperatures in winter, we suggest leaving the turf to grow, rather than cutting it, as this can stress the turf. Additionally, only cut the turf when it is dry (this being said, you most likely wont need to cut it, as it will lay dormant if cold).

What Should I do with Worm Casts?

Worms do a fantastic job of aerating the soil, and having Worm Casts is a clear indication your soil is in a good state. That being said, they are quite unsightly and they're surprisingly easy to remove. Simply wait for them to dry and then use a brush and brush them off. Is it really that simple? Yes, it's an easy problem to fix.

What can I do about Toad Stools?

Toad stools are actually really common, especially for newly laid turf. The reason for this is topsoil has bacteria that gets 'activated' when the turf rolls start to get warmer through a natural process (composting), when sitting on a pallet rolled up.

Removing them is just as easy as worm casts, as Toad Stools are virtually all water. You can either wait for them shrivel (and dry) up & then brush them with a hard brush. Or you can use a Watering Can and Fairy Liquid which is reported to act as a catalyst and speed up this process.

How can I stop my dogs urine from damaging my lawn?

We see this issue all the time, and it's easily preventable. Purchasing these rocks online, is a reliable and cheap way to prevent this problem. Simply place these rocks in your dogs drinking bowl and they will work to neutralise their urine.

Another solution is to grab your watering can and (quickly) after your dog has urinated, simply sprinkle a reasonable amount of water on the patch to wash away the negative chemicals.

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