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You have found this page because you’re looking to transform your lawn, right? Yes? That’s great, you’ve got the right place!

We supply freshly cut, lush green turf to thousands of our customers located throughout the UK, including Liverpool. We can deliver direct to you the next working day, on the day of your choice!

If you want quality turf, delivered using a fast and flexible service, we are the choice for you. Our Farm cuts your new lush green grass, the day you order it (if ordered before 10:30am), and ships the goods out using an overnight service that spans the whole of the uk, with several depots located near you in Liverpool.

We can deliver the turf of your choice, to your Liverpool home or business, once you place your order using our simple, turf catalogue.

Buying Turf Online

Buying turf online for delivery in Liverpool, has never been easier. Simply follow the intuative ordering process, by first viewing our Turf Catalogue. You will be presented with 3 Turf options, each with hundreds of reviews. Once you have chosen the turf you would like to order, choose the quantity you are going to need.

We recommended adding on a couple of turf rolls for any awkward corners or small mistakes.

Once you have done that, choose a preferred delivery date. This is one of the reasons we’re the first choice for thousands of customers in Liverpool. We work with you - delivering the goods on the most convenient day for you.

If you have any questions about what turf you should purchase, or even how much - simply give our Customer Service team a call, and they will help you through the ordering process. The direct number for our team is 01785 850 653.

How is Turf Delivered?

This one’s really important!

Turf is delivered using a Manual Pallet Truck and a Tail Lift, not a Hi-Ab, or a Crane.

What does this mean to you?

This means that your delivery access needs to be completely flat and hardstanding. We cannot deliver onto any hills, slopes, gravel or stones.

As we deliver onto the kerbside the majority of the time, you will need a flush, flat kerbside, so our pallet trucks can get onto the kerb to complete your delivery of turf.

If this doesn’t work for you, but you would still like delivery of turf, simply call our Customer Service Team and a member of staff will do their best to find a way to get your turf delivered.

Why can’t we deliver onto hills, or slopes? It’s a fantastic question that we get asked all the time. The delivery networks that span the country, including the depots in Liverpool, use Manual Pallet trucks that don’t have any brakes on. With the weight of the goods, the driver can struggle to gain enough momentum to push the product up a slope, or hill.

Why can’t we deliver onto gravel, or stones? Another good question! The pallet trucks wheels will not work on Grass, Gravel or Stones, because the surface is not hard (and or) smooth enough for the vehicle to get enough traction on, and therefore either jam or get stuck.

Turf Calculator

Need to find out how many m² of turf you need? It’s one of the first challenges most of our customers face.

It’s actually really simple - but, where do you even start?

Simply measure (in meters) the length and width of your lawn and multiply them together. That’s how much you need.

Here’s an example: 4 meters * 3 meters = 12m².

However, if you prefer to use a tool that does it for you, then jump on our Turf Calculator . Alternatively, give us a call on 01785 850 653, and our Customer Service Team will help you work out your required total.

How to Lay Turf

Looking to get Turf, but unsure on how to lay it? We hear this a lot, as more and more people want to re-invent their gardens.

The task of laying turf sounds complicated and expensive, but it really isn’t! We have created a beginner focused Turf laying guide.

You’ll be surprised when you see how short it is.