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As a Leading Local Lawn Turf Supplier, we have been supplying high quality gardening products, alongside Turf, for 9 years now! Over that time we have and continue to, work with one of the largest delivery networks in the United Kingdom! 

Our Delivery Networks enables us to delivery our Local Lawn Turf to nearly everywhere in country. Next Day is now available if requested, as we will use a local depot that is near you. 

We source our lawn turf from one of the biggest and most reputable turf growers in the country!

Local Lawn Turf

As our local lawn turf is sourced from one of the best turf farms in the country, we are able to provide 3 varities - some refer these as different grades. Listed above are the Local Turf varities that we offer.

Turf Delivery

We use one of the best and most extensive delivery networks in the country, which allows us to deliver to you, using a local depot near you. 

We have a Delivery page, explaining in full detail how we deliver, but here is a brief overview:

  • We need a Flat, Hardstanding Surface, i.e. Concrete and Tarmac
  • We can't deliver onto grass, gravel or stone
  • We cannot deliver if there is a steep gradient, slope or hill
  • We try to avoid near all gradients, as we use a manual pallet truck which doesn't have brakes
  • We deliver on 18 tonne curtain sided vehicles, so there can't be anything brushing or running down the side of the vehicle curtains, i.e. branches
  • If there are weight restrictions, we will need to be told before the order and or on the day of the order, so we can make sure we can deliver before the goods are sent out
If there is anything else you need to know, either view or Delivery Page or Contact Us, we have a Customer Service team who are more than happy to help!

How to Lay Turf

To try and help more and more people have the chance to create their dream project, we have created a step-by-step beginners guide for the few steps it takes to create your dream garden! We cover preparing the ground, laying your fresh new turf and after care, to teach you how to best care for your new garden!

Whether it be laying in the summer or winter, this step by step guide will show you how to comprehensively prepare and lay your turf. We hope it helps!

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