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Lawn solutions: how you can keep your lawn healthy over winter.

Turfgrowers is the UK’s top online bulk turf delivery service. We provide rolls of high quality turf delivered to your garden freshly cut and ready for laying.

Just like the rest of us, during the winter your lawn needs to rest, and the dark, cold season tends to prevent much growth or even repair of plants. Therefore, treat your lawn to some time off over the winter, limiting your activity and mowing throughout winter. When frosty avoid walking on it entirely, while otherwise avoiding any work other than collecting leaves and branches. Staying off will let the lawn rest without needing to invest extra energy in recovering from the damage that footfall will cause.

Improve drainage for those rainy days. Keeping the lawn clear of debris will offer some protection, but aerating the ground by gently piercing the surface will offer great ventilation that will prevent damp from setting in and rotting your turf- although this can be very weather dependant. Don’t worry about snow. Although it might seem terrible for your lawn it will rest on the surface and not cause much damage- however if possible avoid keeping it on the lawn for longer than necessary- for instance by piling it up (say by building a snowman) which will take longer to melt and cause more harm to the turf beneath.

While the weather is better, consider using autumn plant foods to strengthen roots & kill moss to further combat damp build up in your turf.

Avoid mowing- while the winter low temperatures and poor light slows growth, however some gardeners believe that some cutting during warmer days stimulates growth and helps maintain a regular appearance.

Simply abandoning it to the winter can lead to further damage. If you’re careful & attentive now there are lots of ways you can help your lawn recover quickly and thrive after winter. 

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