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What is Turf?

Turf is the term we use to describe the type of grass used on a lawn.

A Functional Grass

Turf grass is usually a functional grass, rather than the bushier ornamental grasses we sometimes use to decorate our gardens.

The grass in our gardens is there to serve a purpose, whether that purpose is providing somewhere comfortable to sunbathe, a cushion for falling children while they play or just to look great. It also serves a few other purposes, which include

  • Keeping the ground warm/cool
  • Preventing erosion in times of heavy rain
  • Can help towards preventing flooding

Why Buy Turf?

Maintaining a healthy lawn is extremely difficult, as it can be prone to weeds, disease, pests and even issues with soil that can cause patches of the lawn to appear brown and dead. One of the easiest ways to have a healthy lawn is to buy specially grown turf. It is grown on a high quality topsoil, and maintained to the highest level so that when it is lain in your garden, it has the best chance of being as good as it can be.

Types of Turf

There are two main types of turf:

Natural or "Normal" Turf

  • This kind of turf is grown just as grass in a garden would be, except it is grown to a high standard to ensure quality, as well as no stones or weeds. It is normal grass, but better.

Artifical Turf

  • Artificial turf can be good for football fields and areas that may expect a lot of wear; however, it is not as comfortable or aesthetically pleasing as the real thing.

We sell three different types of turf:

  • Family Turf (hard wearing, easy to maintain and it suitable for general use in the garden)
  • Lawn Master Turf (high quality turf which is more resilient when it comes to shade, or dry conditions, and it recovers quickly after a drought)
  • Deluxe Turf (purely ornamental and guaranteed to get the neighbours so jealous they end up the same colour as this fine-bladed premier option).